insulated header energy savings


Full Thermal Break (Foam Core Construction) R-Values:

3-1/2″ = R7.75
5-1/2″ = R16

With an increased focus on green building and sustainable design, energy efficiency through construction is a must. A simple way to increase energy efficiency in your residential or commercial construction project is to incorporate insulated window headers and insulated door headers.

Benefits of the Express2Header for the contractor:

  • High R-value of the insulation helps achieve new energy codes.
  • Lower labor costs due to the ease of installation which saves time at the job site (the days of building window and door headers are over!)
  • Available in a variety of sizes and lengths, with two different nailing patterns.
  • Less waste as you are utilizing only what is needed structurally.
  • Always straight, with no cupping or twisting.
  • Less prone to contraction and expansion, making them more resistant to shrinking, warping, and distorting that can cause drywall to crack.

Not only does the Express2Header save the builder time, it also offers a strong selling point for the homeowner. Since many window and door headers are not insulated, thermal loss in homes occur most frequently at windows and doors. Using insulated window and door headers will help your customer reduce their energy use since the entire wall will now be insulated.

Benefits of the Express2Header for the homeowner: 

  • Reduce annual heating and cooling costs by drastically reducing, or even eliminating, heat transfer across the header.
  • Creates a thermal break without jeopardizing structural performance.
  • Less future drywall problems than conventionally framed headers.

Stricter energy codes are being implemented throughout the U.S. and Canada. Work with your architect or contractor to benefit from incorporating the Express2Header into your next building project.