ExpressHeader EH Lite insulated header


Welcome to SJS Components, manufacturer of insulated window headers and insulated door headers. Our exclusive products include the ExpressHeader and the EH Lite. Developed in 2003 to help builders cut the cost of construction and installation, the ExpressHeader and EH Lite’s one-piece express installation process benefits the builder by reducing building cost and saving construction time.

Reducing Building Cost  –  Saving Time

The ExpressHeader and EH Lite also benefits the homeowner by increasing energy efficiency, therefore, reducing annual heating and cooling costs. Learn more about our Energy Savings.

Saving Energy  –  Saving Money  –  Keeping the Home More Comfortable

Located near Warsaw, Indiana, SJS Components partners with distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada. View our list of Distributors to purchase our products in your area. For more information regarding the ExpressHeader or EH Lite, contact:

Scott Brown
President, SJS Components
ph: 260-578-0192

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